Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Map Secrets Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our article on the secrets of the new map and season 1! We’re not stalling and we’re going straight to it!

Fortnite pic

Daily Bugle

As you surely already noticed, the new Spiderman character also played a big part in the changes to the new map! At this location, older players must have noticed immediately that the News from the original Spider-Man movie was actually located in the Vulcan, which was one of Chapter 1’s favorite locations. There’s even a little village right behind the volcano that’s almost identical to the one from season 7 Chapter 1. Anyway, on this location, you’ll find Spiderman gloves all over the walls, allowing you to move very quickly around the map.

Daily Bugle location

Shifty Shafts

It must have been obvious to anyone who’s played Fortnite since Chapter 1 how much the location next to Shifty resembled Tilted Towers, even though there was nothing on it. So the return of our favorite city shouldn’t surprise us all that much. Anyway, Shifty Shafts came back from the Vault, and we’re heartily glad. Not only is the location interesting, but since Season 7 Chapter 1 was the best Christmas season of all, this location automatically brings back the Christmas spirit.

Shifty Shafts

Dinosaur on the loading screen

This really is such an invisible secret that even we would almost miss it! When loading your game you can see loading screen selected always for the current season. Which one of you noticed the enormous purple dinosaur? Since this season is talking about a secret monster, could this be it? In the very first few games of this season we noticed a hole in the snow from which the air always comes at intervals, is it possible that something lives below? We have to wait for the snow to melt and we’ll see what’s underneath!

Jerry the purple Dinosaur
Dinosaur’s hole

Vault for two players

Did you also notice that these vaults are also in the Solo match? There’s a reason! You don’t really need a second player. Have you also noticed that these locations have NPCs who talk but otherwise do nothing until you attack them? Knock one down and take them to the Vault door. It opens up afterwards, because there’s a second pair of eyes on your back!

the Vault (one of them)


Not all trees are ordinary in this season. Once you see those with a really long trunk with no branches, you better think before you chop into it. After you chop it down, it does not disappear like a usual tree, but instead the big log falls like a tree in reality affected by gravity, and can very easily eliminate you. On the other hand, if you see one or more players standing right under that tree? Shoot the tree down immediately, because there’s a good chance the tree will eliminate them for you!

Fortnite pic

And while everyone’s probably noticed this falling tree by now, perhaps you don’t know that if you cut this tree down so that it falls into the water you can ride it like a boat? Okey, rather a raft but it’s still a super catch.

Fortnite floating trees

There’s a lot we’d like to mention from the Taco restaurant, the wind turbines and a lot of little things that only regular players will notice. But then this article would be endless, and we bid you farewell.

See you on the Island!


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