Save The World from Fortnite Crew

In this season, Fortnite Team has really outdone itself, and to the usual battle pass for the next season , the character and other monsters and 1000 V-Bucks have also given us permanent access to Save the World which, predictably, to the time when Fortnite was coming out was probably supposed to be the main purpose of the game (Campaign) as with other games such as BattleField, Call Of Duty or Halo. But given how popular online gaming has become in Battle Royale, most players haven’t even tried Save the World or haven’t even checked it out. So let’s take a look at this amazing part of the game.

Nice pic of Fortnite

Given the games already mentioned, we always imagined Save the World as one big story in which you had to do something other than save the whole world from the storm and its monsters. They had been on the map several times in Battle Royale during the first Chapter. But the truth is quite different.

In fact of course you play the story as it happens in Campaign but right at the beginning you have 4 maps open and on them you can choose the missions to play. Like saving the survivors, building a fortress around Lar’s bus and then, of course, protecting it from the monsters before it leaves. Another map is pirated in which you do completely different quests or you can visit the map of Dungeons and fight your way through several levels to the main Boss. Another highlight in each map is your Homebase, which you must save several times in the main quests to move forward.

Characters in Save the World

Another interesting feature is that compared to Battle Royale in which we are used to having zero materials or weapons in every match, whereas in Save the World everything is stored in your inventory. So if you spit out all the material in one match, or the bullets in the next, you’ll have nothing. Also compared to the classic game we are used to all furniture smashing whereas in Save the World you always have to first search it, because everything from beds to the smaller stuff can contains bullets, traps or even weapons.

Nice pic of Fortnite

Traps. That’s another chapter in itself. At Battle Royale, we’re used to the classic barbed trap, the sentry gun or the jump pad. In Save the World, there’s everything you could ever dream of. From trap which crowd electric discharge to defender post you can put your defender which will help you kill monsters. We can only hope they add some of them to the Battle Royale.

Traps in Save the World

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that you get all sorts of rewards for fulfilling quests in the game (materials, upgrades, etc.) but every once in a while you also get a pickaxe, which you can also use in Battle Royale! We haven’t gotten far enough ourselves to confirm even the characters you get and you can use them in every aspect of the game, but definitely add more items to your Battle Royale collection this way.

So run quickly for the Fortnite Crew before the next month!