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Best Graphics Card to help you win this season

NVIDIA is a high end manufacturer of consumer graphics cards. The graphics cards are the most recommended for gamming. Nvidia formed a partnership with Fortnite and are offering a bundle that comes with the purchase of a given range of graphics cards. Details can be found on Nvidia’s official website

Nvidia is offering 2000 v-bucks (Fortnite’s virtual currency) for the purchase of desktops or gaming laptops equipped with the stated GeForce GTX series graphics cards.The partnership seems to be but a logical choice as Nvidia have proven time and again to offer the best quality cards. The price can’t be compared to those of AMD Radeon as they are much more affordable. However recent Nvidia graphics cards come at a much affordable price tags in response to the competition from counter parts. Intel HD graphics on the other hands have failed to keep up with the competitors due to several limitations that come with them. One being that the cards are heavily integrated with the CPU and hence can’t be upgraded. Thus Nvidia is at the top of the food chain and currently the most recommendable graphics card for a better Fortnite gaming experience.

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