Star Wars

What are Trends doing to Fortnite ?

We have seen that Fortnite has many references to pop culture and how this has greatly contributed to its increase in revenues. However we can observe other trends arising from this. The first could be the diversification of the game to be more than just that for example the Virtual concert performed by Marshmello (American DJ) on February 2nd 2019. This has opened a new dimension of virtual concerts and will probably not be the last. Epic games reported that 10.7 million users joined the event.

This therefore proves that Fortnite has evolved to be more than just a simple game. Pop culture stars such as American Hip Hop star Drake have also gotten in on the action as players and who knows probably we might be up for a virtual Drake concert too J.

Currently Chapter two season one has also featured a scene from Star Wars: The Rise of the Sky walker.