The Final Showdown

The Monster VS The Robot! The final showdown

A monstrous eye appeared in the polar beak; it was inside an iceberg below the castle. The Ice starts to crackle, revealing the evil itself.  The beast then moved out of the Polar Peak, invisible, he headed toward the castle, destructing it.  The monster was a significant threat to the entire Island. So in Pressure Plant, the work on an enormous robot begins. The Robot mission was to save the Island from the monsters’ evil deeds.

Just at 2:00 p.m. EST, The Fortnite players witnessed the rise of the monster, with its monstrous scream, it came out of the water. It started shooting lasers from its mouth, killing everything on its way. The giant Robot was powered simultaneously. It was announcing the beginning of the ground showdown!

It was the Robot Versus The monster; they came together in the middle of the Island as the Robot let loose from their arms a set of missiles. Then the creature was hit and tackled into the water.

As the Robot went back to the Island, the beast leapt out of the water sneakily; the Robot was attacked from behind by the monster, tearing off pieces. The fight continued, leading eventually to the destruction of the beast, and the heroic Robot danced over the body of the dead monster.

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