Fortnite World Cup

You compete, you win millions

Fortnite, the free online battle royale game has rocked up the gaming business in the last years, running beyond the gaming style into the larger eSports world.

This change was noticeable by The Fortnite World Cup in June. It was the first event ever that introduced the league gaming principle. It was the first time that the non-gamers community realized there was such a trend as competitive gaming, online, playing for millions of bucks.

Fortnite Championship Series was the name, this league was announced through the World Cup in NY, were more than a hundred gamers battled for a whole £24 million.

Fortnite developer Epic Games’ direction is to introduce a new competitive variety of entertainment, known as esports. The Championship leagues will be Fortnite’s initial move to start league championship, and the opportunity to participate is available for any of the game’s two hundred million gamers. Only forty millions of these two hundred will be competing to pass to the World Cup league. The 16-year old Kyle Giersdorf won a prize of £2.4m in the latest league. All of the first five opponents in the individual tournament grew millionaires.

Another face of eSports affection by Fortnite is marketing and sports gaming. The national football league agreed with Fortnite battle royale to offer customizable in-game outfits representing the whole NFL teams.

Everyone is wondering what we might be witnessing in the racing world of esports.

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