What the hell is happening to Fortnite?

As you may have noticed, the time between our articles is steadily increasing, and we are adding fewer and fewer of them. Why? Because whenever we open a Fortnite, we turn it off again most of the time after one game, and overall we’re totally losing interest in this game. However, not because we don’t enjoy the game, don’t get us wrong. We love Fortnite, but what happened to the game in a couple of last years has resulted in it already seeming like a cheaper version of our favorite game. The game has become practically a half-Anime game, completely dropping live events towards the end of the season and when there is one, it’s just bad. The “plot” doesn’t even exist anymore and wait until we get to seasonal events…

Chapters and Seasons

First, let’s take a look at the last seasons. The only one we can consider the “good one” of them was the last one, (Chapter 4 Season 4) when all of Fortnite went back to Chapter 1 theme, and we got to drop to locations like Frosty Flights, Tilted Towers, etc. Did you also expect some of these locations to stay and the rest to evolve into others again? So have we.. Instead, we got a season with completely new locations that unfortunately, for us, are worth nothing after the enthusiasm of the amazing, past ones.. Not to mention the fact that when the OG season was shortened, we almost didn’t even get to enjoy it. So when we welcomed this new season, we were really disappointed, but we decided not to criticise it right away and wait for our favorite event – Winterfest – to actually play this season. Until then, we tried Lego Fortnite but what came next we really didn’t expect.

This year Winterfest….

Events and disappointment

All the players love Winterfest. Only Fortnitemares are right behind it in popularity, but we’re talking about the good one, the ones from old times and certainly not the one from this year. Winterfest was always one of the best times in Fornite. Who can’t remember the snowy map, and as the snow gradually increased as Christmas approached, back in Chapter 1 Season 7. It was magical.. And who doesn’t love a fabulous lodge where you can choose a gift every day like in an advent calendar? If you’ve also been looking forward to these features and it’s your favourite part of the year then unfortunately you will be disappointed and you will practically only get coal from the Fortnite Santa this year..

last years one Winterfest… Change isn’t?

Well okay, you will receive gifts, at least we think that.. We haven’t received any yet just had to ‘ask for it’ in quests bar? Instead of the Christmas spirit, we feel only how little work the developers have put in this year and that literally everything in it have been done with minimal interest and minimum of work. We don’t even know if there’s a Santa truck on the map throwing gifts, but with the new train, we’re pretty dubious. And, of course, they then wrap it in a wrapper of ‘News’ so it’s supposed to look like it actually had to be a hard work job… Why on earth? Why would this be better in any sense of the word than a magical Christmas Lodge?

Missing? We too ♥

Events for end of seasons and main story

We don’t even know if we have the strength to comment on the last event.. It’s cool that Fortnite is giving a platform to celebrities to perform there, largely because of how little space they have after the Travis Scott case and his concert where some unfortunate events occurred. But they could certainly give the film and TV series platform a lot more room than it gives and also ease that Anime obsession that’s already more than annoying. A proper Fortnite season really only with a Fortnite theme is sporadically but an entire season based on Anime? We don’t even know when there was anything else anymore.. As it is said. The recurring joke is no longer a joke, and so it is here at their super news every time a promo for the next Anime Season comes out. There’s a million ideas in the world, we think this topic might be enough already, don’t you think?

But what about the plot? Fortnite was known for the main story in the background of each season, and it was always wonderfully sophisticated, funny and entertaining. Besides then automatically counting down and events towards the end of the season were also laced with a story that takes place in the background. Fortnite was so unique. We can’t say right now exactly when this huge change happened, but we do know that one day we suddenly noticed that the story no longer made absolutely any sense. The main one, and the continuing one throughout the game, suddenly seemed to stop to exist, and one season they began to tell a totally new and different story. A lot of fans expected it to have something to do with the story and it would actually make sense in some point and thanks to that it would be even more interesting. Like the ‘Wow, I see’ moment.

Like, who could forget about this event?

It took only a few more seasons to make it abundantly clear that this was not the case, that the developers had dropped the main story altogether, and as they changed everything and started several times again with a new story, the characters and the story don’t make any sense anymore, and it’s actually more annoying again because grasping the concept of something like this is very confusing and not something pleasantly mysterious like the Avengers…

We’re not even trying to outline to you here the plot of this or the last seasons, that’s how bad it is now unfortunately. If you want to know the plot from when it still made sense, you can buy our book where at the end of it is everything beautifully summed up until the last season which was at the time, and/or look at the sites devoted to the whole backstory.

Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 7 Wallpaper

Lego Fortnite

As you might already have noticed in Fortnite came Adventure Lego. Kind of like minecraft, just with lego, and we tested it for you right away. It has potential.. But if you’ve been expecting a full game of gruelling elements, you’ll be disappointed again, unfortunately. They will either continue with the game, adding plot, quests, new monsters, material for building and so on and so forth. Or they won’t pay much attention to it, and what’s in play now, unfortunately, is definitely not enough. After a couple of hours of playing, unless when you’re playing it with friends of course, you won’t even know what to do and you’ll get bored. Building is also an episode in itself. You can’t always put two objects together, that creating ugly gaps (something for us with compulsively obsessive disorder it is a treat, really) and we’re not even talking about uneven terrain, when the foundations of building can’t be put on the same level with each other, because they don’t ‘fit’ into the ground, but every single piece has to be laid exactly on the ground… Imagine a little hill in the game, disaster . So we’re hoping that the developers will play with it some more.

Fortnite Lego Adventure

Since you can see for yourself how much we don’t enjoy these new changes, and how Fortnite then loses any fun for us, after understanding that they really bailed on Winterfest this year, we haven’t even opened the game since :(. We know that the developers, after the hate they received when the new season was launched, have made some changes. We just haven’t heard anything yet that would entice us back again and therefore we don’t have much to tell you about this season’s news. But we will certainly hope that they recover and get back to doing the things that their players love so much.

Oh and about the Fortnite Rocket Racing? Yeah, all the Rocket League changes reasoned to be because of it and how bad it is? There is a big part of fans who totally hate it and we’re not really going to even start on this topic…. We can only say. Fortnite, please stop ruining other games too.

No, no and big no

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section, we are looking for your feedback! ♥


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