Why is Fortnite so popular?

The Ease with which one can easily start playing the game, especially via the battle Royale game mode which is free to download and play.

The endorsement by online celebrities such as Travis Scott (American Wrapper)

Plenty of pop culture references such as trending dances (emotes) and characters.

Sponsorships from popular Movies that feature special characters and events such as Marvel’s Thanos and the infinity gauntlet as well as John Wick.

Fortnite also has managed to effectively ensure fairness of players by having a non-biased match making process, whereby players of different skill levels can be paired without any knowledge or bias for/against anyone’s expertise

Fortnite also is transparent in the ways in which a player could win as its virtual currency does not support purchase of any items that will give a player better chances of winning compared to another.

The unpredictability of the game due to events, new features and seasons. The stated contribute greatly to anticipation among the community and help keep the conversation going for, the uncertainty of the games progression naturally stimulates expectation and therefore players constantly follow up on developments. Fortnite team also has a way of raising curiosity of the players such as how the rockets were creating cracks in the sky at the last event of season X in preparation for the new chapter.