Effect of Battle Royale on the development of Fortnite

Fortnite has three game modes.

  1. Save the world – It is a survival game mostly against monsters such as zombies against players.

It however is not free.

  1. Battle Royale – A free to play online survival game where players fight against players. It is free to play.
  2. Creative – A mode whereby players are given complete freedom to create structures such as islands and race courses. It is also not free.

Battle Royale

This is the free and most popular game mode. It removed one major entry barrier which required users to purchase the game in order to play. Battle Royale exposed the wonderful and addictive gaming experience of fortnite to many.

With it serving as an entry point, many players later felt confident Battle Royale seasons and events have greatly contributed to the continuity of the game, as players are constantly following up on new developments and this helps to keep the conversation going.

In chapter 2 season 1, Battle Royale features a new map, and progression system with start being replaced with XP as a measure of progression.