Chapter 2 Season 5 Secrets

Given how quickly this season is slipping away, we’d like to show you a few attractions you may not have seen in the new map.

Trapped Peely in Hunter’s Haven

You read correctly. Those who have been through every building on this new location must have noticed the stone slab and Peely trapped in it. The slab is covered with locks all around and we can only guess what happened to it. Since we can also find a new robot at the location, which a lot of people think will still be significant for this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hunter’s Haven is actually the base of The Seven mentioned several times. This is most likely also a reference to the original Star Wars: V: The Empire Strikes Back, where Han Solo was emerged into carbonite and was left in almost the exact same position like our Peely in this picture.

Peely in stone/ Hunter’s Haven

Plus, under this location, you can find a secret building. That’s right, there’s a huge space underground that has a sign on both the door of the building leading to this underground and the top floor on the ground that we could see in the opening video of this Season. I’m really looking forward to learning more.

Hunter’s Haven bunker basement
Robot/Device in Hunter’s Haven

Colossal Colosseum

This location is beautiful in itself, but it also holds a few secrets. As in the already mentioned Hunter’s Haven, there is another secret base underground. The Seven’s headquarters again, or is this the base of our Fortnite heroes? Certainly compared to the other seasons, we have no idea what the end of this will be.

Colossal Coliseum basement

That’s not all. Have you ever noticed the middle of the Coliseum? I mean, does it change? That’s right. Either you’ll find a few wooden houses in the middle, an almost empty arena with a few gun handles and obstacles, or our favorite wooden Llama from season eight.

Have you also noticed the statues that are scattered around the Coliseum? Not just that they’re beautiful but on two of them we can see Peely like Julius Caesar and a lot of fans think it’s another new skin that’s coming this season.

Colossal Coliseum/ you can see the Peely statue

Zero Point

For those who haven’t found out yet. If you fly (or you can build stairs to the portal) right into the middle of the Zero Point sphere, you will appear in something like a rift. Just terribly beautiful. It’s really hard to describe, you better try it.

By the way, did you realize it’s the same Zero Point as it was in the middle of Lazy Lake right? I mean the original Lazy Lake next to Tilted Towers.

Zero Point

I hope you enjoyed our article and we’re looking forward to the next one.