Fortnite J.B. Chimpanski and new Skins

This is it! After a 13-hour wait, a new season of one of the most popular games in the world-Fortnite has been launched. We’ve waited a while so you can see for yourself, and now we’re bringing you an article about the characters of this Battle Pass.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 skins

Before we show you all the new characters this season. It gives us no choice but to comment on one of them. And that’s to J.B. Chimpanski. We don’t know what’s worse, whether it’s that most of the characters didn’t do well this season or that they added a monkey in a spacesuit.. But for us and a even for large part of the world, is still sending animals into space a big deal, and we can’t get over that so easily. We have no idea if the developers are even aware of the message they’re sending.

J.B. Chimpanski skin

Since we already have the cosmonauts in the game it seems pointless to add more and even more when they are animals. Fortnite should realize that it is no longer just children who play this game, and that most of the characters look like from children’s kindergarten. Or, conversely, if they still want to adapt the game to a younger audience, perhaps they could wonder what message the children might take from a monkey packed into a spacesuit with the slogan “To the Stars” in Russian. For it was the Russians who sent poor Laika suffocating to the stars. And if the next generation finds this thing perfectly normal, we will never learn from the mistakes of history.

The Fortnite instagram photo of Chimpanski

I’m sure you could argue that today’s Internet, movies, and a lot of games are all full of violence, and this is totally pointless even for mention. Unfortunately, we disagree. Because in Fortnite, when you eliminate a player only disappears. There’s no blood or anything like that. Overall, as we’ve said before, Fortnite is directly targeting younger players, so we consider this simply as a large mistake.

Maybe it’s all because of the laziness of the developers. In fact, when we look at the characters of this season individually, you might notice that almost all of them are already in game in one form or another. That goes for this whole season, though. Just look at the map. Every ‘news’ is just something they’ve lifted out of the so-called vault but if you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while, you already know them all.

Other cosmonaute skins in Fortnite.

Anyway let’s go look at the rest of them.

Charlotte and Torin

These two are the only ones you can argue are new. Even if you could certainly compose them from several parts of other characters that can be bought, at least they’re different..

Charlotte skin

You can have Charlotte in two versions, and at least the second version can easily be compared to the classic Ninja Girl, which we already have in several forms, and we really already have more than enough of katanas!

Torin skin

Toona Fish

But this? This is definitely the worst of any character that’s ever been in Battle Pass. Not only that do you have this fisherman in the game in a few gorgeous versions, but this time they just made him black and white so you could color him in. Yes, you read that right. If you haven’t played yet, I’m sure this part will surprise you. We have come a long way back from Build your own Umbrella and Build your own Skin. At Toona Fish, you can collect paint bottles on a map and then use them to make your fish out of colors like those containing Fortnite characters. If it didn’t look like a bad cartoon character, it would be an amazing idea. Or if it had to be with Torin, and she wasn’t a bad cartoon, either. Unfortunately, this looks like a coloring book, but the already mentioned youth audience certainly likes it, so…

New Toona Fish skin


Subtract the cybork part, and we’ve got Marvel’s She Hulk. But at least she’s gorgeous and, unlike other female Fortnite characters, really cool. You can even have it in three different variants and we can’t wait to see what its variants look like in Bonus Rewards!

Kor skin
She Hulk skin

Fabio Sparklemane

With Fabio, we have just one question. Why?

What we can said more is that when Fortnite was turned off, they added this character’s photo to the Fortnite instagram. And most of the comments were definitely not positive… We’re glad we’re not the only ones taking the view that this isn’t a polish skin.

Fabio Sparklemane skin


Okay. This is Venom from Marvel. And since we already have it once it seems absolutely useless to add it in his version from the new film. Especially if it’s just the same version as the last one, except in red. And is he still given as the best character in the season (lvl 100)? We absolutely don’t understand. Again, a huge gaffe or just laziness or Fortnite received an enormous amount of advertising.

Carnage skin

It’s not like we want it to be that bad. We sincerely hoped that the quality of the new seasons would only increase. In the meantime, though, we’re getting copied characters, a few new and, above all, terrible weapons, and that’s on top of the fact that, once again, we can’t find a tactical shotgun and challenges that no one can read first. Perhaps Secret Skin won’t disappoint us this season, but we’ll have to wait for that…

At least we have a beautiful Victory Umbrella this season.

Victory Umbrella glider

See you on the island!