Superman in Fortnite-Guide Challenges

As we approach the end of another successful season, secret character has finally been unlocked, yet this time it wasn’t so secret. Yes, we’re talking about Superman. To unlock it, you have several tasks to complete, and we’ll help you with those. Now let’s look at their list and then their more detailed explanation.

Clark Kent Fortnite
  • Complete quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman or Beast Boy 3 times
  • Complete quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman or Beast Boy 5 times
  • Glide Through ring as Clark Kent
  • Use a Phone Booth as Clark Kent
  • Complete 63 epic quests
  • Complete 68 epic quests
  • Complete 73 epic quests
  • Complete 78 epic quests
  • Complete 84 epic quests
Superman Skin Fortnite

Complete quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman or Beast Boy 3/5 times

The most important thing with this task is to know where the characters are. What task you take from them is up to you. That’s why we’re attaching a map of their locations. But you don’t even need it. Batman can be found below the flagpole in Dirty Docks, Clark Kent is in The Orchad in the only house there and Beast Boy is walking by the water in Weeping Woods. For example, Use a Launchpad or Visit three different locations can be taken as a task.

After completing the first 3, you’ll get a Call To Action emoticon, and for completing the next two, you’ll already get the Clark Kent skin.

Locations of Beast Boy, Armored Batman and Clark Kent

Glide through ring as Clark Kent

Now that you have the Clark Kent skin you can continue to perform other tasks. This one is quite easy. Rings are located directly above Weeping Woods and will count for gliding, so don’t worry about missing one. As a reward, you will get The Daily Planet back bling.

rings locations

Use a phone Booth as Clark

Put the Clark Kent skin back on and head to one of the locations in the attached image. After that, all you have to do is enter Phone Booth and your Clark will dress up as Superman skin. And you’re done. This time, of course, you will receive Secret Identity built-in-emote.

Phone Booth locations

Complete epic quests

Now all you have to do is do the other epic quests and you get a lot of rewards that are definitely worth it. For the first stage you get Kal-El’s Cape Glider. For another Banner Icon. Followed by The Last Son of Krypton loading screen. As the fourth reward you get Solitude Striker harvesting tool and for the last stage you receive the Clark Kent SHADOW skin.

If you already have all the challenge done and you’ve surpassed level 100, definitely check out the Bonus Rewards.

We hope you enjoyed our article and look forward to seeing you in the next one!