Season 8 – Marshmello, Fortnite and Music

“We made history today!” Said Marshmello on the concert day, this was the first virtual concert ever inside the Fortnite game. Marshmello is a singer and DJ wearing a cylindrical helmet with a smiley face, which is said to represent an oversized marshmallow. In the “Pleasant Park” area within the virtual game world, the concert took place at 2:00 p.m. EST on Saturday.

Millions of players had gathered for the event at the agreed location – ten million alone were said to have watched directly via “Fortnite”. But the exact number of views cannot be answered because there are no official statistics.

To watch the concert, you get into the Showtime mode and fight your way to the show battling and defeating other players. To be avidly engaged in the mood, various extras are acquired. For example, to be able to clap or have party lights with you, you must be wearing the Marshmello outfit.

The online trend was huge. YouTubers and gamers all over the world shared the event. They streamed their own participation in the concert over live gaming twitch stream.

The whole thing was incredibly spectacular, more than one imagines. Marshmello entered the stage, greeted the fans with gentle words, and then rewound his DJ set as usual, including a few announcements and animations. Everything just packed in the brightly colored “Fortnite” animation world, including bouncing smiley and Marshmello heads.