Secrets of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

As Season 3 of one of our most popular games in the world- Fortnite comes to a rapid end, we wanted to show you all its most interesting aspects, secrets, easter eggs and much more. So sit back and see what we’ve got in store for you.

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Rideable Animals

As I’m sure every Fortnite player has noticed, this season we finally got the chance to ride animals. And while this is a known fact rather than a secret, you may still not realize (unless you’ve doit accidentally) what exactly it means. Not only can you build on them as normal, using weapons or even jumping.

The most important thing is that since you make them your mates, you can ride them to the Vaults, which are all over the map and you can probably see where I’m going with this. Since you have another pair of eyes with you the door of the vault will open.

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What you may also not know is that if you fall with your animal (you have to ride on them at the moment) will take the damage you would have suffered for you in a fall. Several players learned to use this trick right away, and you won’t be able to eliminate them just by knocking down their buildings.

Of course, it’s an advantage even for those who deliberately stay as high as they can at the end of the game, and you hardly notice them until they eliminate you.

Rideable animal in Fortnite


As you probably already know, you can find the skeleton of the head of Klombo on the map. But now we also know, information leaked into the world, that the developers are planning to return our favorite monster (favourite only because all the fans obviously already forget about the Polar Peak monster) even with a few improvements.

For, apparently, it will finally be possible to eliminate him and get rewards. I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait.

Fortnite Klombo’s skull

Secret Cave

If you’re not really looking for these places, you may well miss some of them. And since that would be an enormous shame because they are just amazing, we’d better show it to you, too.

This location doesn’t even have a name yet, and you can find it right under the stream at Reality Falls or you can enter there by stepping through the waterfall in this location. Not only is it an incredibly beautiful location, but some fans are perpetuating that it is the home of the aforementioned Klombo.

Rock Family ♥

You may not even know what we’re talking about right now. But this lovely family has been present on the map with a few breaks since Chapter 1 Season 7! Sorry, chapters didn’t exist at the time. So, actually, since Season 7!

Right now, you can find them on the beach next to Condo Canyon enjoying a well-deserved vacation. If you want to know about their history, you can look in there and we highly recommend it ►

Fortnite Rock Family picture

Returning Locations

Since they don’t have their names on the map and they’re not big locations like they were before, maybe you don’t even recognize them. But it appeared on the map, for example(always part of) The Shark, The Chair, Dusty Depot and we can even find a cabin on the map that definitely belongs to Meowscles, so does that mean it will come back too?

The Chair in Chapter 3 Season 3
Dusty Depot in Chapter 3 Season 3
The Shark in Chapter 3 Season 3

As you can see, all of them are found in a new mushrooms biome. So finding them shouldn’t be hard for you at all. In addition, Dusty Depot is located right next to The Chair location.

Meowscles Cabin

But we will have to wait for that… We sincerely hope you enjoyed our article and we can’t help but say goodbye to you with a classic Fortnite quote.

See you on the Island!