Chapter 2 season 3 NEW MAP

The new season that came out June 17 brought a lot of news such as sharks, whirpools or a new shotgun. But above all, she came up with a new map!

At Event, which took place June 15, we learned what Midas’s plan actually entailed. He tried to destroy the whole storm, which of course he didn’t, and to prevent the entire map from crumbling, the “creators” had to send a huge wave that could swallow the storm. And so, until the launch of the new map instead of storm, the map was reduced along with a huge amount of water. Curiously, the so-called long-awaited “splash” at which the wave was actually to fall and flood the entire map has not been seen. But of course, thanks to gravity (if we assume such a thing even exists in Fortnite :D), it did, and so season 3 brought us a flooded map!

Fortnite season 3 new map

Untouched locations

In fact, the only locations that have stayed the same are the highest-lying ones. Thus Retail Row, Lazy Lake, Misty Meadows and Holly Hedges.

new skins chapter 2 season 3

Old but new locations

Those we already know from the previous season but are the effect of flooding newly modified are Salty Springs, Frenzy Farm, Sweaty Sands, Pleasant Park and Steamy Stacks. All the locations are half-flooded (when you can really see parts of the old map underwater) and half-obviously get out of the water. Like in Sweaty Sands but in Pleasant Park, for example, all the barnacles swim on the floating.buoy.

loading screen from chapter 2 season 3

The ones we know but don’t see them anymore

Among the locations you can land on, but you’ll find no more than three roofs coming out of the water or otherwise inaccessible spaces are on site where stands Dirty Docks, The Grotto, Craggy Cliffs, The Shark, Weeping Woods, The Yacht and Slurpy Swamp. Although it must be said that you won’t find the roofs on The Shark either, but only the rest of the cliff. But next to it we find the biggest whirlpool. Slurpy Swamp is back as part of a new location that we can still get to. The Yacht is in a different place, as you can see on the new map. It’s not named, and of course it looks very different.

new The Yacht

A whole new location!

Below you’ll find a list of locations that are completely new. There’s a new vault on each one and a new boss in it. You’ll also find other legendary items here than in the previous season.

The Authority

A whole new location named Authority has replaced the center of The Agency map! Instead of the previous white colour, the building bears the Shadow organisation colour (black) and is in the middle of a huge fortification from which ziplines lead to it. As before with Tilted Towers or the Agency, it instantly became the centre in which you find the most players at the start of the game.

Do you think the Authority is wearing black Shadow because most people voted Shadow Skins?:)


The Fortilla

A location named Fortilla now stands on the site of the previous Rig. That’s right! That’s the spot seen in the opening trailer, which always plays after Fortnite’s first opening at the new season. The entire location consists of several islands that are connected by ziplines. And there you will find the endless Chug Jug!


Rickety Rig

On the site of Slurpy Swamp now stands a new “Rig” at which you can also find an old Slurpy factory, or more likely scraps of it. Thanks to the extensiveness of not only the islands, but also the islets, it is good to be more careful of your enemies. The image shows just one of the larger 3 islands forming the entire location.

Rickety Rig

Catty Corner

The location where to find the cutest skin in new characters season 3, Kit! Or the kitten in the robot. But it is also the most dangerous location in the game. Here, you don’t just have to look out for enemies, but for new “henchmens” that also land all over the map in meteors. Given the split of the location into only two parts, there’s the biggest concession here, and as far as past boots go, these craps are better, beware!

Catty Corner

I hope you liked our new article and if you have any questions you can write them in the comments.

See you on the island!