Dirty Docks

Dirty docks, the new Junk Junction

The counterpart to Sweaty Sands is Dirty Docks. The place is also right on the coast, but everything here is about the industry. Also, a small port can be found. The area also looks decayed, and only some old industrial houses are here. You won’t find real dwellings here.

Dirty Docks is a spot on the Fortnite Battle Royale Map. H4 location is the coordinate south to the Steamy Stacks, east to the Craggy Cliffs and southeast to the Frenzy Farm.

It is a large loading dock port with many houses looking just similar to Dusty Depot, Container Yard, and Flush Factory. Dirty Docks is the most eastward labelled area on the map.

Many varieties of buildings are found in the spot, A Blue Warehouse like the one found in Dusty Depot. Still, different material is used on the floor of it, mimicking the concrete in real warehouses. 

The Grey Warehouse in dirty docks is similar to the one found in Dusty Depot, but this time smaller rather than larger.

A plant can be noticed in the center of this place. The factory is comparable to the ones found at the Factories spot.

A small underground warehouse has a metal tower coming of it; the warehouse holds a bunch of chimneys. This warehouse is slightly distant from the other ones and serves as a warehouse to the jetties.