Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 NEWS

Welcome at our next article. And right from the get-go, we can tell you the best news back in the game, DRUM SHOTGUNS!!! If you’ve played Fortnite in its early days, we can remember this one of the best shotguns from Season 9! Of all of them, it’s the quickest to shoot, so you can understand why it became the either most popular one or most hated one, depending on which side you’re on.

nice pic of Fortnite

New Weapons

As we discussed in the previous paragraph, we’ve finally got our drum shotgun back, but along with it, even Combat SMG was brought back to life, which was originally introduced in Chapter 2 Season 8.

But we also have more complete news, and given the theme of this season, it’s probably not surprising that they’re WILD weapons.

  • Thermal DMR
  • Flapjack Rifle
  • Kinetic Boomerang
  • Cybertron Cannon
  • Wildwasp Jar

First, will anyone confess they immediately recalled the Hunger Games and their killer wasps with the Wildwasp Jar? No one? Never mind, let’s move on. There’s probably not much to add to the first weapon, we’re used to DMR, the only difference is that this time it’s Thermal, so you can see heatmapped enemies with it.

With the Flapjack Rifle, the name will tell you that it’s a new Assault Rifle. From the looks of it, you could most likely get this weapon somewhere near canons and some pirates. We attach a picture for each of them, and we won’t tell you any more, lest we spoil the fun of discovering them.

Flapjack Rifle, Drum Shotgun, Kinetic Boomerang, Cybertron Cannon
Thermal DMR
Killer Wasp oh sorry, Wildwasp Jar

Grind Vines

Yes, you’ve read that correctly – and as we could even see in the new trailer, you really can ride the vines in this season, and it has become another quick way to transport on the map.

Fortnite Jungle Biome

Dangerous Plants

You may not know it yet, but in the jungle biome you can find three kinds of plants that directly look like they’re ready to burst. And you’re right. One will give its surroundings a Slurp and therefore add Shields, the other will release Stink powder in its close vicinity and thus begins to decrease hp from the players within the range of the smoke and, as you may already figured out, after shooting the third it just explodes and gives your enemies blast damage. We have to say this is quite a great idea from the developers.

Fortnite Raptors

If we wanted to describe to you every bit of news from this packed season, we’d be here for another week.. But we’ll definitely mention words like Hop Flowers, New Augments and that Bounty Boards don’t just serve bounty anymore! Slide in a mud and gain camouflage, we can finally call Pickaxes officially Pickaxes and not Harvesting Tools, ride a Raptor and so much more.

We hope you are also keen to play now and write to us in the comments which of the news you liked the most! We look forward to see you on our next article ♥