Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Secrets

We welcome you back to another article, and since we felt that we didn’t mention everything we wanted to in the last one, we will return this time to the news of this season. Although we are aware of how far this season is already, we cannot help but mention some things and you will understand why in a moment.

nice pic of Fortnite

Rocket League house

If you haven’t really gone through every building in this super new map, you might not have noticed that there is a house on the map where you can find posters and easter eggs from the game-Rocket League. Since we have a Rocket League nutman on our blog team, we couldn’t leave out a mention of this house.

the yellow one

Fortnite Drone-Falcon Scout

We’ve seen some similar features for a long time from other games but it’s quite some news for Fortnite. In this season, you can control a drone that looks like a metal owl, and use it to look for enemies in your nearby area. That’s not all you can do with it, though. You can also open a chest with it and take those things straight to you without actually having to go there and risk being eliminated in the process. But what is a great trick is that you can also abduct another player in this way. So it’s really fun to play with multiple players and kidnap a member of the opposing team. They’ll certainly be surprised if a metal owl suddenly snatches their friend. 🙂

Falcon Scout


As I’m sure everyone knows by now, since that possibility has been in play for a long time. You can hire some of the NPC’s that can be found all over the map. But what is amazing news is that a hired friend can now even revive you! Of course, this does not apply to solo games, but only to those where there are multiple players. In solo when you are eliminated, you simply evaporate and therefore can’t let your NPC player revive you, because they disappear along with you. But if you’ve played a multiple players mode and your opponent doesn’t eliminate you completely, he lets you lie there, within a few moments your NPC comes running to you and within the classic 10 seconds timer it picks you up. Definitely a cool idea from the developers and we have to say a couple of times these NPC dudes have saved our whole game. 😀

There is a map with all of the characters of this season from Meetlootllama, but not all of them can be hired!▼

Tattoo Shop

As some of you may have noticed, you can find a Fortnite Tattoo shop in Slappy Shores, and we have to say that the developers have really done a number on it. A huge pink octopus is displayed above the entrance, and the whole shop is packed with easter eggs. By all means, go and check it out before the season is over!

Tattoo shop in Slappy Shores

We’re certainly not going to tell you every detail of the game here so you’ll have something to discover, too. Therefore, we say goodbye to you and can’t wait to see you in the next article.

nice pic of Fortnite

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