Fortnite Chapter 4 NEWS

Welcome to our next article, and since it hasn’t been that long that the new chapter of one of the most popular games in the world has been launched, we’ll delve into the news the developers have prepared for us this new season.

Dirt Bike

Probably one of the biggest, and definitely also the best news is the so-called Dirt Bike. And we also have to say we’ve been waiting for something like this for a really long time. Compared to a car, when you drive a dirt bike you can even shoot or even jump obstacles, just like when you ride wild animals that can be see on a map. That makes this bike one of the best Fortnite vehicles there’s ever been.

Dirt Bike

Battle Pass/Rewards

As you may have noticed by now, the way you display the rewards, and the entire interface in the lobby, has reverted to the original, or at least something much like, Chapter 1. And as players who played Fortnite back then, we really have to commend that decision. Not only does it look better this way, but it’s clearer too.

Fortnite screen

New map

It’s been a really long time since the last time we had a whole new map. And just like in the lobby interface and rewards, here we can see some of the older pretty familiar locations. For example, a whole snow-covered biome can look a lot like Polar Peak to an experienced eye, and labs that are just a short walk away looks kinda like Frosty Flights. Also, most of the roads on the map are only stone, not paved, and even countless locations resemble the medieval style. We don’t know if it’s meant to be a comparison of just earlier seasons and therefore a really clever detail or whether it’s just a coincidence. Either way, that’s one of the best maps we’ve ever seen.

New map

New animal and weapons

First thing we have to say is, hooray. Finally, the good old-fashioned Assault Riffle came back into play. Now all that’s missing is tactical shotgun, and the new players won’t know what’s going on around them. But all over the map you can also find brand new weapons, and not just un-vaulted ones.

You may also have already came across some small glowing sky jellyfishes flying just above the ground. Once eliminated, they explode and can be used just like a shockwave grenade.

New weapons

Hot Spots

Also one of the returned “novelties.” Every match starts with some of the names of the locations written in yellow instead of white. At those locations you will find flying packages/drones which if shot down, drop quite a good loot on the ground.

If we were to list all the new stuff this season, we’d be here until tomorrow. But we can at least mention news like Augments, Slap Juice, Snowballs, Capture the Flag and or the possibility in sprinting to use the “hurdle” over obstacles. It doesn’t stop there, of course, and we can’t wait to discover more ourselves. We look forward to seeing you on the next article.

And of course see you on the Island!