Chapter 2 Season 1

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Overview

The latest Chapter two season one launched on October 15th 2019 (Drop into a new world) is set to end on February 6, 2020, features among many things are a new map, a new fishing rod item that enables one to fish and replenish player’s health.

There are dumpsters which can be used as hiding places.

It also features some nature themed skins Fisherman and Mountain climbers included.

The battle pass skins feature an evil version of the skin.

Fortnite has maintained the same price range for the battle pass fee. This is around

950 V-bucks for $10.

A change that can well be noted is the ability of a player to progress beyond the 100 tiers up to 999, however anything beyond 100 will be unrewarded.

A new feature also enables emotes to be shared among players despite them not having them.

This season has also featured a star wars live event that featured a scene from the movie Star Wars: Rise of The Sky Walker.